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The hackers exploiting this vulnerability monitor these addresses constantly, and they immediately transfer away any funds deposited to these addresses. If you are a victim of these paper wallets, please contact our company, and we will provide an assessment. Paper wallet generation websites usually provide a JavaScript program that can work offline.

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Your Paper Ethereum Walletcurrency wallet is effectively your own store of your private keys. The browser extension has an extra layer of security integrated into it for more security and functions well with Ledger Nano X, Trezor and Lattice 1 hardware wallets. Although MetaMask was purposely made for Ethereum use only, it can be configured for other blockchains and coins. The hardware wallet is simple to use and easy to set up as it has an excellent built-in color touchscreen, making confirmation of transactions easier. Other than Ethereum, Trezor Model T supports more than 1300 other coins and tokens in the market.

You can choose from desktop wallets that run on your computer or mobile wallets that can be downloaded to a mobile device, which is more convenient but less secure. It is also possible to store your Ethereum in “cold storage,” meaning your keys are held on a device that is not connected to the internet. If you’re looking for extra security and privacy when making crypto transactions, then using a wallet is recommended.

From the Ethereum Name Service white paper

The seed phrase acts as a recovery should you forget your password or lose access to your device. Both your password/pin and seed phrase must be kept private, as if another user gained access to either, they would have control over all cryptocurrency held in your account. When transacting with a hardware wallet, you use software provided by the manufacturer (e.g. Ledger Live for Ledger) to initiate transactions. The hardware wallet is then connected to a computer and must be used to authorise the transaction – during this process, the hardware wallet remains offline. For this reason, those with significant cryptocurrency holdings typically opt to use hardware wallets.

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