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so the the fact is, yes, I did lock this lady in her own area to save the woman safe up until I have married her because the not one person knows how to create good future connection these days the continual give-and-take contained in this new area away from union and consensus right here, i’d like to guide you provide me personally your own hand ok, today remove, an excellent Virkelig hot Aserbajdsjani kvinner, force, a fighting! fight! give-and-take give-and-take just

TINA as the ages is not about how age you really have come real time but how decades you really have remaining!

as the humans always live-in the sea and also you think: do not alive truth be told there more. but really, in reality, we just got the ocean around as soon as we came toward residential property. Brand new uterus are an ocean very, kids start in an ocean, and you may people blood provides the same intensity of salt because the sea drinking water. And no amount in which we have been towards the top of a hill or even in the middle of a desert, whenever we cry or sweat, we cry otherwise sweating sea-water. And therefore we must replace each one of these nutritional value which come on water.

step 3. Daughters enter

SUSANA that you don’t understand what do you believe, Julie, you’re how old now? you don’t need one suggestion what you’re these are however, even in the event that relationship was smart in certain general abstract means it isn’t good for all of our father! exactly who will be, chances are, end up being centering on getting an adult individual thinking ahead out of grandkids and you can dying

JULIE I am saying it could be you really have no sense of elegance or tact otherwise through otherwise just niceness, truly, Susana when you are maybe not sweet to me therefore never ever had been

JULIE You left your, Susana, you left your and honestly I am not sure why given that the guy is actually a fantastic child he usually try a nice boy I usually believe you used to be lucky just in case you broke up with him better I’m not sure I’d constantly think he had been a remarkable man and then he merely searched very disconsolate

VOICEOVER [quietly, soothingly] And for your diet make sure you remember seaweed nori, digitata, kelp, bladderwrack due to the fact human anatomy is always to only take for the dinners which come off moist cities and exactly why is the fact?

SUSANA The guy enjoyed you! He appreciated your! You know what one setting when he says he enjoys your?

SUSANA When he says they to help you people. Because men you know: guys they are going to state almost anything to combine it to have good while in their underwear they don’t actually care about your they had be just as delighted moving in the aisles off Victoria’s Secret friction contrary to the silk while the lace and you can having fun with on their own for everybody it value your!

SUSANA And it’s likely to be your personal, also now that you’ve eliminated dressed in bluish trousers and to play softball to your men

JULIE You don’t understand what Used to do otherwise failed to carry out. That you do not know everything i actually did. That you do not understand me personally. That you do not learn me actually a bit dont pretend your know any thing from the me. Because you never ever cared regarding myself. No no, you can not you can not, no never get it done never do it any more Only end it.

SUSANA Browse just how everything has ended up in daily life for me personally! My sis tears out of my sweetheart. Dad has actually a bride locked on the room upstairs! Any sort of happened so you can household you to definitely cared for each other? What? Their family’s insufficient to you personally? your several daughters who’re dedicated to you pleased, in all honesty, in order to compromise their own lifetime if this involves that and maintain your on your own dotage do not worry if you’re resting on your wheelchair with your throat clinging unlock spittle running off your own mouth as we like both you and we shall worry for you through to the avoid!